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Boutique La Fleur

Add:No. 28, 531 Fuxing Rd M.

Tel:021-6404 7423

Time:9am - 9pm


For fresh, creative, high-quality flowers in Shanghai, you can count on Boutique La Fleur at Sinan Mansions. Their professional staff of florists is always willing to work with the customer to create beautiful, unique flower arrangements or gifts for special occasions. With 15 years of experience, Boutique La Fleur florists’ creations have graced many homes, high-end weddings and exclusive events. They have an unconventional approach toward floral arrangement and you will always discover new designs such as lucky bamboo stalks and fortunella mandarin arranged in a square utensil which will add subtle sophistication to Chinese New Year decorations. For exclusive floriculture designs, you don’t need to pay a lot. It costs from around 50 to 180 yuan including the utensil. Price starts from 300 for a bouquet of imported, high-quality flowers. They usually stock around 50 kinds of flower in the shop, most of which are imported from Holland.