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B'La Vii Hotel

Add:285 Hunan Road

Tel:021-6467 7171

Time:24 hours

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Boutique B'La Vii Hotel, just behind the Lapis Thai restaurant on Hunan Road, promises a peaceful, artistic and exclusive sanctuary in a in a quiet, carefully preserved neighborhood. A 70-year-old house has been converted to a boutique hotel with a decor that blends modern style with Chinese accents. Chinese red dominates the public space where huge bird cages are suspended in the atrium. Each of the 14 rooms and suites is furnished with a distinguished touch of Oriental style. Furniture, fabrics and artifacts are meticulously selected for their striking individuality. The rooms ranging from a comfortable studio of 30 to 35 square meters to a suite of 60 square meters. Till the end of February, daily rates for each room is 688 yuan, including free mini bar and WiFi.