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Carpenter Tan

Add:144 Changshou Road

Time:9am - 9pm


Previously situated on Nanjing Road W., this newly opened small carpentry shop on Huangpi Road N. is worth visiting for its assortment of handmade wooden combs, earrings and bracelets. It actually looks more like a small art gallery than a shop as most of the items for sale are displayed behind glass. For owner Tan, combs are little pieces of art. Made from fine red sandalwood, beige boxwood and even ox horn, each comb has a unique design with different Chinese patterns delicately made with thin brushes and using a range of colors. Also on display is a book made of bamboo with traditional Chinese poetry printed on it. About 80 percent of the employees who work for Carpenter Tan are handicapped, as is the owner himself. All of the products are made in Chongqing, where Tan comes from. His wooden artworks are perfect ideas for presents or souvenirs, ranging in price from 50 to 3,000 yuan.