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All Saints Church

Add:425 Fuxing Rd M., near Danshui Rd

Tel:021-6385 0906

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At the corner of Danshui Road and Fuxing Road M., stands the impressive 17th-century-style building of the All Saints Methodist Church. A missionary from the American Saints Association supervised the construction of this church, which was eventually completed in 1925. There are 63 steps that lead up to the bell tower and this red brick place of worship can seat 500 people at a time. All Saints Church was first built near Huangpi Road and Huaihai Road, but as the congregation grew larger the church was rebuilt on Danshui Road to accommodate more people. There is a service every Sunday from 7am to 9:30am. A two-story office building in the church, along with other buildings around the church compound, have been removed to make room for a commercial project. Church officials said the main hall of the church, which is on the protection list, will be maintained.