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Moja Bang

Add:1B-18, 890 Changning Rd

Tel:021-5241 5130

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted


If you're after that special hat to finish off your look, head to Moja Bang. Beanies, berets, baseball caps, trapper hats and much more are on offer here. This colorful little store has the widest selection of the most distinct, warm, cozy and fun headgear, in all different shapes and colors, and with styles for both men and women. The collection is brought from Korea and new hats arrive every week, so you're almost always likely to find something that is up to date and suits your taste. When you buy a hat here you're guaranteed it will be distinct, as there is no more than one hat of each design on sale in the shop. Prices for the hats range from 128 yuan to 158 yuan, and those in the limited-edition section cost 368 yuan.