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Add:226 Jinxian Rd

Tel:021-6256 8998




Not many people know about quiet Jinxian Road, hidden between crowded Shaanxi Road S. and Maoming Road S., but it's famous among those in the know for small and excellent eateries.

The short street contains three tiny restaurants, each with no more than five tables, that serve some of the best Shanghainese dishes in the city.

One of the few Western eateries is Osteria, which has received excellent reviews for its fare and its oysters. Most Shanghai locals are not fond of oysters, so they are generally not featured, especially since they require a fast, quality supply chain of fresh oysters.

In Shanghai, oysters can be expensive or not so pricey, and Osteria is somewhere in between. It has gradually made its say to the top of the list for fresh, safe and flavorful oysters.

The variety of oysters, mainly from France and Canada, is as impressive as the freshness. Frequent discounts and specials, such as free drinks with an order of oysters, make the molluscs even more attractive.

The antipasti is flavorful and goes well with oysters, while the other main dishes are good but not so remarkable. It's the oysters that make this place stand out among Italian restaurants in the city.

Osteria embodies the rustic Italian dining culture of seasonally-inspired dishes, approachable food and fabulous wines!