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Time:11:30am - 3pm, 6pm - midnight

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Some coffee lovers insist that good coffee should be drunk independently, and not paired with food. However, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can be detrimental to one's health. This cafe restaurant resolves the issue with its signature dessert, soybean milk cake, which goes well with coffee and can relieve digestive disorders brought about by heavy coffee consumption.

The cake is the creation of Japanese owner Tsukino Shibo. The inspiration comes from her love for her child. "Traditional cake, although delicious, is not healthy enough, especially for kids. That is why I hoped to create a cake with good flavour and health benefits. I found that milk, the basic ingredient of the cake, can be replaced with soybean milk."

The cake tastes soft and fluffy, with a slight aroma of soybean. The cream topping is silky and fresh, not too oily and sweet, very suitable for dessert lovers afraid of piling on the calories. When paired with their coffee, a pleasant balance of sweet, bitter and acid, will feed your palate and soul.

Price: Soybean milk cake 25 yuan