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Premium Birdnest

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Renowned for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits, the bird's nest is a Hong Kong tradition dating back hundreds of years. Known as the "caviar of the East," the nest is made of the saliva of swiftlets that make their nests high on cliffs. It is a tonic and is said to relieve stress, boost the immune system and even reverse signs of ageing. The outlet on Xingeng Road has been providing quality bird's nest to upscale clients for nearly three years. Imported from Indonesia and Malaysia, nests range in price from 29 yuan (US$4.40) per gram to 62 yuan per gram. Nests that have been washed or cleaned are considered less valuable than "all-natural" nests. It's an extravagance but if you eat bird's nest soup every day, one package of 200 gram for 8,600 yuan can last for as long as three months. Also sold as a tonic are cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus (also winter worm, yartsa gunbu in Tibetan). It benefits the heart, liver and kidneys and is said to boost the libido.