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Home Cafe

Add:Floor 1, 2915 Hongmei Road

Tel:021-3422 2128, 1391 7157 229

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted


Like its name implies, this cafe is more like a living room than a shop. An interior red brick wall is decorated with paintings, photos and exquisite small vases and other art pieces. Artificial flowers and a floral curtain give the room the air of a garden. There is a piano and a book shelf, and cute toys placed randomly. The menu is hand written and accompanied by beautiful drawings.

Every Wednesday night is movie night, when classic old films are screened.

Zhang Zhanei, owner of the shop, has been an art aficionado since childhood and her major at university was English. Born in 1984, she sits in the shop reading books in English, doing cross-stitching, painting and playing the piano as she keeps an eye on business.

"I hope to create a family feel; customers can do whatever they want in the shop," said Zhang, with a smile.

The shop is 60 square meters. People can browse through magazines, surf the Internet with wireless access and play games.

Zhang brought her art flair into full play when decorating the shop, which opened in March 2010.

"The wall was made of glass, and I painted it myself to save cost," she said.

She also brews coffee and makes cookies and chocolate truffles for customers. Her cheesecake is especially popular with patrons.

Recommendations: Chocolate cheese, latte, mocha, cheese cake, milk tea