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Sunny Coffee

Add:99 Gumei Road

Tel:1391 6181 305

Time:9am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted


Sunny Coffee offers more than a cup of coffee. It aims to replicate a stylish "bourgeoisie" atmosphere.

It's a tiny place, only 40 square meters, but it is always packed with customers.

The shop is decorated with plants, oil paintings, movie posters, lovely chairs and beautiful lamps. Just like the name indicates, the place is bathed in sunshine.

Stepping into the coffee house, two walls filled with photos immediately catch the eye. Wu Lingyun, owner of the shop, works in the film industry, giving him access to many popular screen stars seen posing with him.

Wu said he enjoys serving customers when he is free. He brews coffee, makes sandwiches and chats with patrons. The shop opened five years ago.

"I highlight the process of brewing coffee when I make it," Wu said. "That's what distinguished our shop from the fast-food-style coffee places."

Wu recommended an Irish coffee made with chocolate and tip of whisky.

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