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Moment Art & Decor

Add:74 Wuyuan Road

Tel:021-5403 5540

Time:12am - 8pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This high-end furniture store has several original designs by Chinese local designers. Unique pieces have been produced with a wide range of materials ranging from aluminum to felt. With a 12,000-yuan price tag, aluminum "twist" chairs are only for the big spender. A curvy, colorful wine shelf gives a funky, retro look to any dining room, and a chair upholstered with real fur costs about 3,500 yuan. While prices may not be cheap, bear in mind these are original designs which have been hand crafted by the artists. The shop showcases works by Chinese designers with the intent of breaking the mould of what is considered traditional Chinese design in favor of a more "global contemporary" style. While generally on the more expensive side, there are more affordable furniture pieces and decorative items, such as lamps, vases and clocks available next door, making Moment really more like two shops in one.