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gi+ Shanghai

Add:2/F, InPoint Plaza, 169 Wujiang Rd

Tel:021-6218 3583

Time:10am - 10pm


Credit Cards Accepted


With franchises in Beijing and Nanjing, gi + Shanghai is extending its presence and reputation for an innovative selection of household accessories and products. Local and international designers alike sell their work here, with creative talent showcased from France, Japan, Hong Kong and, of course, Shanghai. The store is divided into different sections, focusing on house wares and home decor. Trendy cutlery, dishes and decorative items will liven up your kitchen while being friendly toward the planet - "Eco Goods" is a brand that creates green products from local recycled sources such as bamboo. Even typically mundane household objects such as toilet paper become funky decorative additions as Japanese company Alife Design make rolls in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also complete a perfect outfit with a wide range of accessories such as jewelry, shoes and handbags from several different up-and-coming designers. Hop on over to the home decor side across the corridor to sass up your abode with DIY adhesive wall art. The price range is reasonable, from moderate to slightly more high end.