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Shanghai KangCheng Law Office

Add:Rm 1301, 969 Zhongshan Rd S.

Tel:021-6335 5280




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Business license: 091304101601

Business/Corporate, M&A, Events
Real Estate, Employment, Defense
Litigation and Arbitration, Personal Injury.

Shanghai KangCheng Law Office (hereinafter “KangCheng”) is a full service law office advising clients with respect to cross border transactions as well as business operations in China. KangCheng has been duly authorized to practice Chinese law in China, with its headquarters in Shanghai.
KangCheng services cover almost every facet of corporate activities, investment, trade, finance, logistics & supply and other commercial transactions. Corporate and M&A are the core businesses, which include the daily general counsel services for our clients, as well as legal support for project. Many clients view KangCheng as their strategic partner. KangCheng is also known for its special expertise and experience in such practices as maritime law, customs, civil injury, employment, dispute resolution and criminal defense. The sectors of KangCheng’s clients include, inter alia, chemical, real estate, mechanical, logistics, energy, aviation and shipping, finance, steel, mining, instrument products, electric, electronics, entertainment, port, exhibition, retail and consumer products.