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Cafe Godiva

Add:2/F, No.106, Bldg 5, South Block Xintiandi, 338 Zizhong Road

Tel:021-5382 0715

Time:11:00am - 12:00 am

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available



When summer comes, this cafe prefers to call itself an “ice cream parlor,” a social gathering place quite popular from the 1890s to the 1960s.


The afternoon sunshine pours into the shop through a large opaque window. Velvet sofas and lazy jazz playing in the background create a relaxing atmosphere which is ideal for enjoying ice cream. Six kinds of ice cream are provided, covering the flavors of mint, mango, orange, banana, strawberry and vanilla. Two of them are must-try. One is the Mango and Milk Chocolate Sundae (85 yuan). Both the texture and flavor are rich with soft and smooth mango sorbet on top, crushed ice with the flavor of sour mango and sweet white chocolate in the middle and chocolate-flavor jelly at the bottom.


The other is Hazelnut Gelato Chocotini Decadence (90 yuan). The hazelnut gelato is filled with nutty and creamy notes and immersed in a liquid made of liqueur, vodka and dark crème de cacao. The gelato presents a light perspective while the liquid tastes a little strong with nicely bitter flavor. In summary, it’s ice cream for men.