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My Landiao

Add:411 Wukang Road

Tel:1391 8597 353

Time:11am - 9pm


My Landiao offers jewelry, handmade shoes, embroidery and other handicrafts created by Miao and other ethnic artisans from Guizhou Province. The Miao is one of China's ethnic minorities, and with many traditional skills getting swept to the wayside by increasing globalization, the shop's owner strives to continue authentic tradition, not simply tourist paraphernalia, and bring it north to Shanghai. Jewelry with intricate designs and patterns is 100 percent silver, and ranges in price from 200 to 3,000 yuan. The saying "you get what you pay for" rings true in this case - with fine quality resources and everything being made by hand, this is the genuine article. Handmade paper, crafted with natural ingredients such as seasonal leaves and mountain flowers, is also available for between 20 to 50 yuan. If you're lucky and a tea lover, the owner will invite you to join her for a cup of tea in the shop's cozy upstairs, a pastime usually reserved for old friends and loyal customers.