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Full House

Add:221, Shimen No. 2 Rd (near Xinzha Rd)

Tel:021-6209 1686


Credit Cards Accepted


With a cozy and chic environment in the basic colors of black and white, the restaurant is designed with a fusion of contemporary and traditional, Chinese and Western.

The modern feel presides with white plates and silverware instead of more traditional styles of local dining. This is evident in the presentation of the house special, Braised Pork (48 yuan/US$7.27), which is served in a porcelain dish rather than a clay pot.

The Black Pepper Beef (65 yuan) is an artful rendition. Nuggets of tender beef are covered in cracked black pepper and numbing spice. The dish is clumsily served with French fries and a small dish of ketchup.

The menu also includes other Shanghai staples from Sliced Lotus and Smoked Fish to Stinky Tofu; the Chicken with Rice Wine comes highly recommended.

If you can see beyond the unauthentic setting, the food should live up to local expectations.