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Add:242 Julu Rd

Tel:021-5228 0650


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


One of the most popular Japanese eateries on Julu Road, Tian Shou Gu Wu serves authentic and traditional Japanese dishes without gimmicky rolls, sushi and sashimi. It's a place where a well-balanced menu meets a "feels-like-family" vibe, a little oasis from life's stresses. The eatery is known for its yaki-gyoza (Japanese fried dumplings) with 13 different ingredients and flavors (15 yuan to 30 yuan). Other recommended food items include spinach salad (25 yuan), fried chicken nuggets (35 yuan) and  pan-fried pork liver (28 yuan). You can also explore a variety of rice and noodle dishes priced at about 38 yuan each. A decent dinner costs about 100 yuan per person including a soft drink. The two-floor eatery also has a decent selection of sake and shochu to pair with well-presented food. Tian Shou Gu Wu has a royal following for its consistently great food and friendly atmosphere.