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Rebecca's Tart Pastry Boutique

Add:855 Huashan Road

Tel:021-6212 8087 ext 17

Time:10am - 10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


For a sweet treat near Fuxing Road W., La Dame Charters: Rebecca's has a wide selection of pastries and tarts to choose from. This pastry shop includes many unique flavors to entice those with a more sophisticated palate including lemon and rose cheesecake, rose strawberry mousse, honey green bean and, one of their more-popular flavors, pumpkin marron tart. Many of their flavors are seasonal to ensure using fresh ingredients and this month much of their selection is devoted to matcha or green tea, with a more unusual twist on tradition in the form of an Oreo matcha cheese tart. Cakes are priced between 238 (US$36.71) to 418 yuan depending on the size, with a 10 percent discount if you order three days in advance. If it's just a snack you're after, individual slices and tarts are available for between 28 to 32 yuan.