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Seafood Noodle

Add:352 Changle Rd.

Tel:021-5213 7998



This lively, noisy eatery serving Zhejiang-style noodles and rice cakes adds to the variety of cuisines found along Changle Road. As the name of the restaurant suggests, the emphasis is mainly on the seafood-based soups which are thick and rich in their seasoning, but pork, beef and chicken broths for meat-lovers are also on the menu. The crab roe noodles and yellow croaker noodles, both at 58 yuan, are the favorites but their flavors are extremely strong and heavy, making this joint unsuitable for those preferring a lighter touch. Popular with both the late-night and lunch crowds, perhaps this is the place to come for short reunions with your visiting friends wanting to try a taste of Shanghai but without having to fear for the standard of hygiene. Prices range from 5 yuan for a braised chicken wing to 116 yuan for their assortment of seafood in a pot.