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Love My Treats

Add:70 Yongkang Rd

Tel:1882 1002 005 (delivery)



This family-run franchised Taiwanese eatery sells old-time favorite desserts made from recipes written by a Taiwanese couple who originally sold their treats from a push cart. They later opened their first shop on Hongjing Road, and after tasting it the boss of Love My Treats couldn't help but open her own joint using the couple's recipes and basic ingredients imported from Taiwan. No preservatives are added and all elements such as the pearls and grass jelly used are homemade daily using a strict traditional method. Their dessert selections can be classified into cold and hot, and highly recommended for summer are their grass jelly treats, which have various medicinal purposes such as a cooling effect and multiple vitamins. To sample all the homemade goodness here, try the mix and match cold grass jelly treat on top of shaved ice (9 yuan) which combines taro balls, pearls, grass jelly, peanuts and three types of bean. Cooling, naturally sweet and light, this is the perfect dessert for the summer.