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Taipei Yongkang

Add:66 Yongkang Rd.

Tel:021-6472 5443


Credit Cards Accepted


Yongkang Street in Taipei is where Taiwan's most famous beef noodles are found. Coincidentally, Yongkang Road in Shanghai is where a Taiwanese couple decided to open their own eatery selling popular Taiwanese dishes such as the favored beef noodles and minced pork on rice. The owner is a wedding-photographer-turned-restaurateur and head chef, and insists on cooking healthy food with no preservatives and the freshest ingredients while giving his patrons an authentic feeling of dining in Taiwan. His high expectations for food and critical taste buds have made this restaurant a success, and he has regular customers that come daily just to taste his delicious mince pork on rice. For only 15 yuan you are given a generous portion of rice with a side of vegetables, and a nice big bowl of minced pork braised with the most delicious southern Taiwanese-style sauce. Apart from this yummy dish, the original beef noodle soup with half beef tendon (28 yuan) is also popular. Braised treats include braised tofu (8 yuan) and pork trotters (18 yuan), and cold dishes ideal for summer include assorted cucumbers (6 yuan) and tofu with preserved egg (12 yuan). For other treats try the delightfully fried pork ribs (12 yuan) and seasonal greens (10 yuan).