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Add:25 Yongkang Rd

Tel:021-6418 8400

Time:11am - 11pm (weekdays), 9am - 11pm (weekends)


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Hailing from France, Cedric Bourlet's love for beer led him to becoming a "beer hunter" and opening up his own beer boutique where you can find a staggering array of around 150 types of beers from 25 countries. There are beers from Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Australia, the United States ... you name it, he has it. With a collection that can be considered the biggest selection of beers in Shanghai, Bourlet even stocks rare beers that cannot be found in China. For example, the boutique offers five kinds of Trappist beers made by monks in Belgium (26-39 yuan/US$3.93-5.90) and crowned one of the best beers by Belgians. Small but overwhelmingly extensive, Cheers In gives you the opportunity to be acquainted with the taste of other countries without the hassle of actually having to go there personally. Price per person can ranges from 5.5 yuan for local beer to 39 yuan for Belgian beer. To discover what other beers they have, visit their blog (www.cheers-in.com) which will give you a detailed explanation of their beers, the origin and their tastes.