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Add:71 Jing’an Villa, Lane 1025, Nanjing Rd W.



English Service Available


WITHOUT a conspicuous sign announcing its presence, uninformed passersby may presume LA, a quirky cafe serving coffee and food in an authentic Yunnan style, is just another residential building among the Jing'an Villa lanes.

Diners can either eat in their open-air area, a small garden planted with mint, basil and coffee beans, which are sometimes used in their dishes, or the quaint interior decorated with an old sewing machine and various handmade ceramic works.

Owner Xiao A from Yunnan, a southwest Chinese province known for producing high-quality coffee beans, loves coffee and opened the cafe to realize her coffee dream. The coffee on offer is freshly roasted and brewed. However, she never thought that their food would prove more popular.

Their rice noodles (22 yuan/US$3), nicely chewy, in a pork soup, mixed with chili spread and pickled vegetables, and topped with shredded cheese, taste sour and spicy. Their other standout dish is the hotpot rice (23 yuan), which features delicious and spicy handmade preserved pork, broccoli and an egg that sets as the dish is served.

LA offers creative drinks according to the season, from iced latte to green cha-cha, a drink made with mint, kiwi and apple juice. Each drink is priced at 29 yuan.

With limited seating, a telephone reservation in advance is necessary.