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Champion Ice-skating Rink (New World)

Add:6/F, New World Shopping Mall, 2-68 Nanjing Rd W., near Xizang Rd M.

Tel:021-6359 6692



No other will cool you down more in summer than ice skating and the Champion Ice-skating Rink on the 6th floor of the New World Shopping Mall on the city’s busy Nanjing Road is a good place to give it a go.

The rink is not that big — only 400 meters long — but is enough considering its convenient location.

It provides ice skates and gloves. Staff are also willing to help beginners put on the skates and teach them how to get started on the ice.
Address: 6/F, New World Shopping Mall, 2-68 Nanjing Rd W. 
Admission: 60 yuan and 5 yuan insurance for 90 minutes