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Berry Bear Yogurt

Add:B1, No. 1378, Huamu Rd, Pudong Kerry Center

Tel:021-5031 1869



If you love the smooth and creamy mouthfeel of traditional ice cream but are concerned about the calories, the frozen yogurt here is an option.

The shop, with a simple and clean interior design decked out in white and green, provides two flavors of yogurt — original and mango. We recommend the original flavor which tastes smooth and milky.

You can choose different toppings, from chocolate, cornflakes, Hershey’s chocolate, raisins, cranberry to fresh kiwi, papaya, strawberry and peach. Topping the yogurt with soft papaya and crispy cornflakes provides more flavors and textures. The frozen yogurt costs 28 yuan and each topping costs 3 yuan. The shop also provides a delivery service.