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Yoba Frozen Yogurt Bar

Add:Unit 212, Bldg 2, Jinqiao, Lane 3611, Zhangyang Rd

Tel:021-6075 0975

Time:Mon-Thur,11am-10pm; Fri-Sat,10am-10pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available



This outlet, located in a community shopping mall attracting many residents living nearby, has a nice airy feel with aesthetic red and white elements.


It offers various hot and cold drinks, and some low-calorie desserts. However, its signature product is frozen yogurt (28 yuan). Compared with the frozen yogurt from Terry Bear, it tastes lighter here. The waiters explain that they make a slight change to the yogurt, which is originally quite heavy, to better cater to Asian tastes. The toppings are diverse, from soft mango, fresh kiwi, crispy cocoa balls to colorful sprinkles.