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CIAO Dining Room

Add:740 Hankou Rd, near Yunnan Rd M.

Tel:021-6080 0743

Time:11:30am-2:30pm, 6:30pm-10:30pm


It is an elegant and fashion Mediterranean restaurant located on the first floor of The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai, a luxury hotel which combines the taste of old Shanghai and Art Deco.

CIAO is built right beside the street, the huge Floor-to-ceiling windows made a brighter environment of the white theme of the restaurant. The gusts can feel the Rhythm of the city while they enjoy the relish authentic Mediterranean flavors in very smart surrounds. There is an open kitchen set up in CIAO, with the bursts wafting scent from our team of talented chefs you can enjoy the warm and elegant feeling and the urban charm.

Enjoy a magnificent ‘Pasta Connoisseur’ at CIAO now. Dive into an entire heaven of delicious pasta only at RMB58 to RMB118. By combining different types of pasta and various ingredients, Rocky, our new Executive Chef, presents nearly 20 delicious pasta dishes to choose from and lead a redevelopment of fine Mediterranean cuisine. Some recommendations from Rocky are: Tagliatelle with cheese pumpkin, Tagliatelle with Cajun chicken, Spaghetti with shrimp basil tomato sauce, Spaghetti with crab meat bell pepper.  The ‘Pasta Connoisseur’ is the preferred choice of pasta-lovers for its varied style and diverse flavors.