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Add:706 Hankou Rd

Tel:021-6351 3309


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Intending to bring you a modern interpretation of an authentic Turkish dining experience, this contemporary restaurant is the work of a Turkish man and his Chinese wife. Interestingly the photo of Istanbul in the restaurant shows the exact spot where he proposed to her. Glasses were brought over from the country to give the real feeling of drinking in Turkey, and the most recommended drinks are the tulip tea and the raki, or lion's milk, a fennel wine whose name is attributed to the fact that the drink changes color from clear to milky white after adding water and the perception that people become beasts after drinking it due to the high alcohol content. Kebabs are the most popular item on the menu but a new menu is being launched. Lunch sets are 40 to 50 yuan including a main dish and a salad, while drinks are half priced with the 50-yuan set. Average price per person for dinner is 120 to 150 yuan including soft drinks.