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Greek Taverna MILOS (Yueyang Rd Outlet)

Add:1 Yueyang Rd

Tel:021-6431 7751


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


TAVERNA" is Greek for "tavern," a place where people gather to eat and drink, and also for travelers to receive lodging. And local restaurant chain Greek Taverna strives to offer Shanghai exactly what its name embodies - the warm experience of authentic Greek food and hospitality.

Greek Tarvena's strong principles of Greek hospitality are portrayed through the restaurant's cozy ambience and friendly service. With a white and light blue interior, the restaurant's setting is as homey as Katsivardas attests it to be.

Greek Taverna's menu boasts a variety of meze (appetizers), of which a popular choice is keftedes, Greek seasoned meatballs made of minced lamb, onion, mint, flour and extra-virgin olive oil. With a moist texture and spice-infused flavor, the meatballs are eaten without any sauce or dip.

Also, a must-try is the restaurant's homemade tzatziki. Tzatziki is a light combination of Greek strained yogurt, fresh garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and shredded cucumber.

The cooling dip is especially appetizing during Shanghai's hot summer, and pairs perfectly with the restaurant's freshly toasted homemade pita bread.

As for main dishes, Katsivardas pegs moussaka as Greek Taverna's most popular choice among their customers. Topped with a layer of bechamel sauce sprinkled with shredded kefalograviera cheese, the dish features more layers of minced beef, boiled potato slices and sauteed eggplant, and is baked until golden brown.

Upon first glance, the moussaka almost seems like a combination between Italian lasagna and British shepherd's pie. Its flavor, however, proves to be distinct and is characteristic of authentic Greek cuisine.