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Astor House Hotel

Add:15 Huangpu Rd

Tel:021-6324 6388

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Astor House Hotel (formerly Richards Hotel) was established in 1846 by the Richards family. It is known today as the very first Western hotel in China since Shanghai's commencement as a port. It was restored in 1907 with the intention to be the best and most deluxe Western hotel in the city, resulting in the change to an English neo-classic structure with a Victorian baroque style. Astor House once housed the likes of famous historical figures such as English philosopher Bertrand Russell, great scientist Albert Einstein, silent-movie star Charlie Chaplin, and was also used as the location for many movies including recent productions such as "Night Shanghai"(2006) and "Mei Lanfang"(2008). Turn right upon entry and head up to the third floor where there is an exhibition hall detailing the history of the hotel. The long corridors you pass by on the way with the constant squeaking beneath your shoes and the ancient red-painted teak remind you of its 165 years. Take the employee elevator to experience the thrill of riding in an elevator designed and built in 1846 with its old-school mechanism and buzzing noises. To stay here, the current promotional prices are from 780 yuan (US$121) per night for a basic room without breakfast to 2,800 yuan per night for a suite.