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La Vie En Rose

Add:15 Huangpu Rd

Tel:021-6324 6388

Time:7:30am - 11pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Situated in the lobby of the Astor House Hotel, this cafe is reminiscent of the old European-influenced Shanghai. The menu is very old school and mostly features Western food, while the decor is also a reminder of the historical significance of the hotel it is located in. There is a healthy breakfast set menu from 7:30am to 11am, where you can choose between either a Chinese or Western-style breakfast at 48 yuan or sandwiches from 40 yuan to 58 yuan. Set meals are served throughout the day with favorites being the wonton soup (60 yuan) and main courses (88-128 yuan). Desserts are all Italian style and drinks are also served. For those seeking modern conveniences, Wifi is also available here.