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Gondola Italian Restaurant

Add:16 Henan Rd M., near Yan'an Rd E.

Tel:021-6321 9803


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Fresh, authentic Italian food served family style, Gondola Italian Restaurant, opened five years ago, is still one of the favorite dining options near the Bund. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean and modern look and the French windows allow plenty of light to shine through. The two-story eatery can accommodate 46 people. Menu items, from salad, soup to homemade pizzas and pastas, draw from traditional Italian cooking, with a focus on northern central Italian flavors as the chef comes from the city of Parma, the land of ham and cheese. They import most ingredients from Italy. Popular with local office workers, lunch deals are priced at 48 yuan (US$7.45), 68 yuan and 88 yuan. For dinner, recommended dishes include the cold cuts platter (138 yuan), seafood soup (88 yuan) and risotto cooked with porcini mushrooms (88 yuan). A dinner costs about 150 to 200 yuan per person. A new menu will be introduced next month.