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Ru-Wa Studio

Add:No. 81, Jing'an Villa, 1025 Nanjing Rd W.

Tel:021-6218 5859

Time:Tue- Sun, 12:30am - 8pm


Both selling and teaching patrons the art of traditional Chinese crafts, Ru-Wa Studio is a place with charm and deserves an afternoon of your time. Opened two years ago, the indie handicraft store is run by a local couple who are very interested in traditional Chinese crafts. A variety of made-to-order souvenirs can be bought here, from delicate bamboo kites to lovely rattle drums. Once auspicious symbols of ancient China, they are still appreciated today for their decorative and cultural significance. Customers can also try making works for themselves. The studio provides step-by-step instructions and all the materials needed. Rabbit lamps and cloth tigers are a good choice for green hands. The cost of your own handiwork is 60 to 150 yuan and a reservation is needed beforehand.

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