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Cute Stuff

Add:No. 168, Jing'an Villa, 1025 Nanjing Road W.

Tel:1896 4024 538

Time:12am - 9pm


In a city with retail prices going higher and crazier, it is such a delight to discover a shop selling quality, creative lifestyle goods at reasonable prices. Cute Stuff is a lovely shop that was opened almost a year ago by a Shanghai native. The concept is like a Japanese zakka (anything that improves your home, life or appearance) offering all kinds of daily necessities from tableware, miniature furniture and stationery to gardening tools. Most of the products here are adorably mini-sized and you simply cannot help taking a closer look at everything on the shelves. Check out the colorful enamel cups in different sizes (16 to 20 yuan), fish-shaped ceramic plate (22 yuan) and handmade leather-covered books (45 to 100 yuan).