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Sushi Abuse

Add:98 Yanping Rd

Tel:021-5175 9818

Time:11:30am-2pm; 6pm-11:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Sushi Abuse is believed to be the first Japanese restaurant in Shanghai with a sustainable vision and menu. It does not use endangered species such as bluefin tuna or eel. The restaurant deals with selected suppliers that are certified to comply with eco-friendly fishing norms. The interior design is supper cool and the food is authentic. On the second floor is probably one of the largest dining tables in the city, accommodating as many as 40 guests. The Infinity Menu features a wide selection of sashimi, sushi, sukiyaki hot pot, and other creative dishes. During a promotion period, the Infinity menu is priced at 248 yuan per person with unlimited appetizers, sashimi, hot pot and sushi combo. The lunch set costs from 28 yuan to 80 yuan.