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Ji Heng Noodle

Add:1021 Kangding Rd

Tel:1312 7788 558


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The popular Taiwanese noodle shop chain Ji Heng Noodle maintains a branch on Kangding Road. Not only residents enjoy the authentic Taiwanese noodle soups. Some customers travel a long way to have a taste of "pot Roast Beef Stew and Tendon Noodle Soup" for 30 yuan (US$4.69). Beef Noodle Soups are the speciality, like Oxtail Noodle Soup for 32 yuan or Beef Curry Noodle Soup for 28 yuan. It takes over 10 hours to prepare all ingredients for every soup. Appetizers such as Spicy Seasoning Beef Thews or Pickled Vegetables and Seasoning Soft Bean Curd cost between 8 yuan and 22 yuan. The eatery can host around 60 guests, who can decide to eat inside or on the terrace out front. They also deliver within a 3 kilometer radius.

For first timers, the half tendon, half meat beef noodles are excellent. The soup is fragrant and beefy though not over the top, and the beef is tender yet chewy. For cold noodles, Juan Cun Noodles (Village Noodles) are delicious and suitable for summer since it's refreshing and not too heavy. For side dishes, the braised tofu is suitable for all seasons, and the hint of garlic with the house chili sauce is spot on. The mixed seaweed is excellent.