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Add:609 Changle Road

Tel:1391 7304 076

Time:10am - 9pm


Since he was 16 years old, Cao Zhigao, now 50, has made shoes. He has traveled to several places to improve his skills and learn different methods. In 1996, his family moved to Shanghai and opened their own shop. They moved their shop to Changle Road six months ago. His daughter Cao Minmin, 27, sells the shoes he makes. The shoes are all designed and hand-made by Cao, his wife and their employees. They use different kinds of leather, as well as snake, crocodile and even fish skin. Their special offer: Bring any pair of shoes you like and they will make an accurate copy. In addition they offer to create a pair of shoes due to your individual convenience and size. The average price for men's shoes is about 1,200 yuan (US$188) to 1,600 yuan a pair, for women's shoes, expect to pay between 780 yuan and 980 yuan per pair.