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Da Marco

Add:103 Zhu'anbang Rd E., near Zhenning Rd

Tel:021-6210 4495




Fax:021-6213 4186

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The Appennini peninsula fertile land and copious products form the essence of the Italian excellent food, which is well known in the world for keeping the original ancient flavors. Marco, the Italian Chef Patron and Owner, has grown an inborn sensitivity and passion for food; he is, perse, a Master of Cuisine and an Epicure. Self confident about his professional skills, the Chef Patron, named his first restaurant in China after his own name. The restaurant presents a full bodied Italian nature, from the ingredients to the décor, which directly recall the ones of the mainland.
The rich flavors of the Italian cuisine, as well as the romantic foreign design of Da Marco, perfectly recall the original flavors. Today more than ever, because of the unchanged original flavors, this location attracts crowds of clients, and when the evening comes it seams that all Shanghai is gathered in this lively place. Moreover, Da Marco holds the outstanding reputation of “external kitchen for the Italian Consulate in Shanghai” for the excellent catering service.