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Qimin Organic Hotpot

Add:407 Shaanxi Rd N.

Tel:021-6258 8777

Time:12am-2pm, 6pm-12pm

Credit Cards Accepted


Combining recipes from the ancient cook book, "Qimin Yaoshu," with hearty organic food from a Kunshan farm in Jiangsu Province, Qimin Organic Hotpot Restaurant presents a new and healthier way of eating. The restaurant opened only four months ago and offers "farm to table" food-simple hotpot-style cooking with the relatively new concept of organic food. The restaurant looks out across a beautiful garden which is an appropriate setting for an organic diner. Whether you seek seafood fresh from the ocean or veggies harvested from Qimin's own farm, everything must pass the meticulous attention of the restaurant's food experts. Qimin's dishes are offered as a set menu which consists of a welcome tea, appetizer, consomme, hot pot and sauces, rice porridge/noodles, vinegar drink and a dessert plate. They vow that the "ingredients bring out the best of each season and the uniqueness of each organic food item." The restaurant also caters for vegetarians with symbols marking each dish. If you are looking for a healthy meal, this is the place to be. The percentage of fat contained in all four types of Qimin consommes is 0.09 percent, with a calorie count of 3.3 kilocalorie per 100 gram. With the cholesterol content being too low to be measured, dessert is definitely on the menu. The restaurant seats 80 people across three different levels and large groups are welcome.