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Qian Xiang Ge

Add:171 Pucheng Rd, near Shangcheng Rd.

Tel:021-5887 1717

Time:Lunch: 11am-2pm / Dinner: 5am-10pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Qianxiangge, or House of Guizhou Fragrance, looks more like a scenic spot than a restaurant. Dining here is like touring a secret garden dotted with moon-shaped doors and fan-shaped windows, an echo of the design of ancient Chinese gardens.
Diners can sample two flavors of stir-fried shelled shrimp on one plate. Shanghai-style white shrimps are divided from yellow-red shrimps, stir-fried with minced pepper, Guiyang-style, divided on the platter by sliced cucumbers and dotted with flowers carved from carrots.
The perfect accompaniment to Guizhou's cuisine is Maotai liquor, which also comes from Guizhou, and proves to be an excellent complement to the spicy, sour food.