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Lotus Land Massage

Add:88 Guangyuan Rd W., near Gong Cheng Rd


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Smells of incense soften the pace of the weary citydweller as they enter an oasis in the middle of the harsh concrete jungle, Lotus Land Massage providing the calm and tranquil environment to soothe tense Qi. Located at the corner of Guangyuan and Gongcheng Roads, Xujiahui, Lotus takes up the entire second floor, decorated with a mix of traditional Chinese and Southeast Asian styles. Using wood and earth elements to create a rich traditional Chinese culture and Zen atmosphere, the low-key design is soothed by the trickling of running water and calming music. The venue has a large choice of rooms, with beds and a different combination of couches along with TVs, a call-service and complimentary food and drinks. 
Physical and mental are treated and quiet atmosphere of Louts Land Massage, achieved through various professional pedicure, healthcare and essential oil massages to promote blood circulation, relax the body and calm the mind. Chinese medicinal food masseurs trained in the art of reflexology and aromatic essential oils of natural scents accompany massages. The parlor also offers a health porridge and sushi, along with a Japanese cuisine lunch or dinner. For now, grab ahold of time and let it slow to the tranquil pace that Lotus Land has to offer.

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