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Shanghai Expo Park

Add:the intersection of Shibo Avenue and Changqing Road N., Pudong New Area. It lies near the Huangpu River and Lupu Bridge.


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Facing the Expo Performance Center and situated on the banks of Shanghai’s mother river, Huangpu River, the unique fan-shaped Shanghai Expo Park has become a brand-new landmark in Shanghai.

Completed in 2011, it covers a total area of 29 hectares, making it the largest green land in Shanghai. Designers perfectly blended the best characteristics of the East and the West to represent a modern Shanghai that has been enriched over many decades by different ideas and cultures.

Though Shanghai Expo Park is clearly divided into six sections, in which majestic buildings stand along wide lanes, it still strongly shows the spirit and disposition of Chinese culture.

The whole park is like a giant Chinese landscape painting in a three-dimensional form, full of oriental charms. It displays a wide range of plants in gradually changing hues, implying the concept "harmony of man with nature."

Shanghai Expo Park not only provides a feast for your eyes on its grounds but from time to time offers wonderful live performances. With its waterfront and plants, the park forms an enchanted world that creates a sense of “retreat away from the world”.