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China Pavilion

Add:The intersection of Shangnan Road and Pudong Road S.

Tel:021-2020 2010

Time:July 12, 2011


Constructed in the Dougong style, one of the most important elements in traditional Chinese architecture, the unique red China Pavilion is themed “Chinese Wisdom in Urban Development.”

The contour design of the pavilion is based on the concept of “Oriental Crown, Splendid China, Ample Barn, and Rich People,” to express the spirit and disposition of Chinese culture.

Inside the pavilion the exhibitions are divided into three parts: Oriental Footprint, the Experience Trip and the Low-carbon Future – all revolving around China's achievements in urban development from ancient to modern times.

The Oriental Footprint

The story of China's vast migration from rural to urban areas, sparked over the past 30 years by the country’s “Reform and Opening-up” policy, is told through a multimedia exhibition. You can see the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for building better cities and their expectations for the future. The famous picture “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” also makes its appearance at the China Pavilion to illustrate the charm of ancient Chinese cities.

The Experience Trip

Hop on an excursion trains and experience the great wisdom and achievements reached through China's urban development from ancient to modern times.

The Low-carbon Future

Reducing carbon emissions is important for the future of all nations globally. See how Chinese people tackle future challenges brought on by urbanization in a sustainable way by placing low-carbon technology at the core of development.