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Tianzifang (Taikang Road)

Add:210 Taikang Rd


Tianzifang is a famous leisure lane in Shanghai, lined with art studios, craft shops, galleries, boutiques and exotic bars and cafes.

Originally a typical factory area from the 1950s and an open-air market a decade ago, this area was reconstructed by the government in 1998 and since then has attracted more and more painters, artists and owners of arts and crafts stores, making it popular with locals and visitors from abroad.

Renovated factories and warehouses in Tianzifang accommodate over 40 arts and crafts stores and about 20 design and work studios, which are set up by Chinese and foreigners from different countries and regions. The most well known studio is Er Dongqiang Studio whose monthly opera performances wow many audience. The studio, set up by American ceramic artist Jimmy, is also a highlight of the art zone that attracts foreigners who are keen to learn the art of ceramic making.

Other typical studios are Chen Yifei Studio, Yidian Gallery, Hong Kong ceramic artist Zheng Yi’s studio, Shunji Art and Culture Center for art auctions, and Hengsheng Camera Store, famed as the “photographers’ Heaven,” just to name a few. A couple of silk stores and antique shops augment the diverse offering.

 Apart from seeing contemporary works in the studios or galleries, the area teems with unique Old Shanghai architecture, as many of the buildings here were reconstructed in the traditional Shikumen (stone-framed-door) architectural structure. Over 20 varieties of these brick houses are still intact, preserving the authentic features of the unique lanes of Shanghai.

The majority of the buildings are still occupied by locals.

So don’t be surprised to see wet clothes hanging from bamboo poles high above your head as you stroll down a narrow lane in search of a cozy café or teahouse. This homeliness combines with the modern art to recreate an authentic experience of kindness, warmth and noisiness akin to Old Shanghai. Yes, here in Tianzifang, you are forgiven when you forget about the cosmopolitan Shanghai of today and are transported back to a romantic, mythical time.

How to Get There: Metro Line 9 (at Dapuqiao station, Exit 1) or buses No. 864, 17, 96, 931, 806, 218, 96, 128, 820, 89, 104, 41, 781, 955, 985