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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Add:178 Nanliu Highway

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Located in Pudong New Area and about 35 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park covers an area of 153 hectares and is one of China’s biggest state-level wild animal parks.

Over 200 species of rare animals from various regions of the world are housed at the park, and the total number of specimens exceeds 1,000.

The park is divided into two main parts, namely the bus visiting area and the walking area. In the bus visiting area, you can see zebras, yaks, deer, giraffes, elephants, golden antelopes, cheetahs, African lions, bears and majestic tigers. The walking area allows a close look at gentler animals such as Australian kangaroos, Asian Sika deer, African ring-tailed lemurs and Latin American yellow and blue macaws. Giant pandas and Chinese alligators are also in this area. During the leisurely walk you can take photos with alpaca camels, zebras and elephants. The experience is highly recommended.

In addition, the park also offers all kinds of animal shows, including the beast show, tiger and lion show, human and animal show and sea lion show.

Some animal zones are recommended as follow:

Herbivore Zone
The herbivore zone covers an area of 21 hectares and is the largest zone with tourist cars. The zone imitates the real living area of these animals and provides a comfortable living environment for 18 kinds of animals, including those from the African grassland.

Bear Zone
The bear zone covers a large area of 5 hectares with bear mountains and rest shelves. There are three kinds of bears in total, including brown bears, black bears and sun bears. Getting close to the bears from the safety of a tourist car is an exquisite experience.

Lion and Tiger Cub Zone
It is uncommon to mix lions and tigers. While in Shanghai Wild Animal Park, dozens of lion and tiger cubs share an enclosure. The main purpose of putting them together is to increase the possibility of lion-tiger cubs, which are rarely seen in the world.

Panda Hall
Regarded as a “living fossil” and “national treasure,” the giant panda is quite popular. Their distinctive black-and-white fur and lovely clumsy bodies will surely tickle your funny bones.

Kangaroo Zone
The kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia, and there are more than 40 kangaroos in the park. Try feeding the kangaroos and if you are lucky enough, the baby kangaroos may crawl out from their mothers’ pouches and lick the food from your hand.

Small Animal Garden
This garden is a hit with small children who enjoy having a closer look at the lovely animals. You can also touch the small animals and feed lively monkeys.

Operating Times of Tour Buses in the Bus Visiting Area:

March to November: 8:30am-4pm

December to February: 9am-3:30pm