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Xishan Scenic Area

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The Xishan Scenic Area stands across the southern area of Taihu Lake at the Dongshan Scenic Area. Xishan is the largest island on Taihu Lake, and is dominated by Dongting Hill. The scenery typifies Suzhou’s mountain-and-water landscapes that have formed such an important part of the artistic sensibilities of the region’s residents since the days the Wu and Yue Kingdoms warred against one another for dominion.

Ancient buildings on Xishan recall the long history of the region, and hikers will find plenty of natural and architectural sites to keep them busy on a day trip to the island. Xishan was a favorite holiday spot of Fu Chai and his concubine Xi Shi before the Wu Kingdom was overthrown by Yue. It is also the home of Suzhou’s famed blend of tea, bi luo chun.