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The Lingering Garden

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The Lingering Garden is listed as a world cultural heritage site and is one of the four most famous gardens in China. Situated just outside Changmen Gate, the Lingering Garden is centered upon the Cloud-Crowned Peak, a Taihu rock structure. Typical of a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) garden, the Lingering Garden is renowned for its elegant design and famed for its remarkable use of windows and openings to frame various views within the grounds.

The Lingering Garden is laid out in four distinct sections. The central section, which is the highlight of the garden, was originally called Hanbi Mountain Villa. Its prominent features are based upon miniature mountains, including the Cloud-Crowned Peak. The western section focuses attention on rockeries and slopes covered with maple trees, while the bamboo-fenced northern section offers views of natural mountain scenes. In the eastern part of the garden, magnificent halls and pavilions invite visitors to enjoy the rockeries and natural scenery from their peaceful confines. The 700 meters of winding corridors that connect the various portions of the Lingering Garden work in such a way as to offer those who walk along them ever-changing views of the gardens’ beauty. The effect created by the corridor’s framing of the scenery makes the viewer feel she is inside a sort of interactive landscape painting.

The central theme of the Lingering Garden is the mountain scenery, though the contrast between architectural forms also plays a prominent role. Roughly one third of the garden’s total area houses the various buildings in the compound, most of which have walls covered with calligraphy, a tradition begun by Liu Shu, who owned the garden during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The Main Hall of the Lingering Garden is the most remarkable in Suzhou.