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Jinji Lake

Add:Jinji Lake, Wuzhong District, Suzhou


The area around Jinji Lake provides some of Suzhou’s best entertainment. Shoppers will find retail outlets offering brand name products at discounted prices, and the only problem diners will face when visiting Jinji is deciding between the seemingly endless culinary choices on offer.

The Jinji Lake recreational area was built with an eye toward preserving local history and culture, while capitalizing on the area’s transformation into a modern cosmopolitan urban center.

The grand Promenade stands on the lake’s western side, while swimmers and boatmen make the most of the open waters. On the southeastern shores of Jinji Lake, the recreation areas lean more toward the Suzhou tradition of quiet, private leisure grounds. Point Park and Reflection Gardens, built on the region’s natural canals and waterways, hark back to the classical gardens of Old Suzhou. A bird sanctuary and educational section are found in Reflection Point Park.

The whole area around the lake is connected by a series of paths and makes for excellent walking, jogging, skating, and cycling. The paths, running around the perimeter of the lake, offer a generous 14.5 kilometer-long stretch dedicated to exercise and recreation.

The grounds surrounding Jinji Lake have become one of the hottest spots for spa and massage facilities in Suzhou. The natural setting of the lake enhances the rejuvenating effects that spas in the area aim to achieve.