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Shanghai Rego International School

Add:159 Diannan Rd

Tel:021-5488 8320


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THE Shanghai Rego International School officially opens on September 3, 2012, after two years of successful trial operation.

It is open to all children of expatriates who live and work in Shanghai.

Founded in September 2003, Shanghai Rego International School is located in Minhang District in southwest Shanghai. The school is committed to providing foundation education from preschool and primary school to secondary school. Students are aged between 3 and 18.

Shanghai Rego helps students establish an international perspective before graduation and ensures they have access to international courses during their study in China so they can better adapt themselves to overseas study in the future.

Shanghai Rego has a well-appointed main teaching building, football field, tennis court, indoor heated swimming pool, indoor basketball court, fencing room, climbing wall and an auditorium with a capacity of 700 people, as well as other facilities. All teachers have professional certificates and have been working in their fields for years, which guarantees stable and qualified teaching resources.

The school aims to have students’ mother tongue, English and Chinese language integrated into the activity curriculum to ensure students can be reared in a multicultural educational setting. A-level courses are offered in secondary school.

The new teaching school opening next month responds to the reality that more and more international families with children are living and working in Shanghai. It is oriented to meet the needs of those students.

For English: Yasmine, 136-3647-3354; yau@srisrego.com For Korean: Laura Liang 137-0201-4388; l.liang@regoschool.com www.srisrego.com