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Aniseed Pho(Kerry Parkside)

Add:Rm 115,F/1,Kerry Parkside, 1378 Huamu Rd

Tel:021-6190 8006


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Vietnamese cuisine is gaining popularity all over the world and in Shanghai we've seen pho eateries springing up everywhere. Aniseed is one of the most famous, serving full-flavored Vietnamese and French-influenced dishes. Vietnamese vermicelli, with seven kinds on offer, selects pasta as the base and then adds the chef's homemade fish sauce to the customer's choice of pork or beef, crushed peanut and mixed vegetables. Aniseed home special vermicelli is priced at 36 yuan. Another favorite is the crunchy French baguettes baked daily, which cost from 22 yuan. For main dishes, soon hock fish and Samoan crab are recommended. The price is not fixed as the crab and freshwater fish are imported from Vietnam. The vibrant combination of fresh flavors and the clean, modern environment makes Aniseed a great venue for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. An average dinner costs between 80 to 100 yuan per person.